My wife, son and I moved to the area in the summer of 2015 and it has provided us with plenty of enjoyment. We soon discovered after some family birthday parties and camping with friends, we should start allowing others to experience this beautiful plot of land also. We realised our land provides local beauty and soothing tranquility to our ever increasing clients and the feedback has been very positive.

From the birds chirping at dawn, owls at night, deer racing and the calming trickling of our two streams running through the land, our field is a perfect getaway for family, friends and guests. With over 6 acres of flat green land sprinkled with dominat oak tree's and bustling wildlife, the land is perfect for any affair.


 The field hire is only the start, and we realised clients for Glamping, Birthdays and Weddings were also interested in our luxury food hampers, bales of hay, bonfire, lighting, Bell Tent hire and many more innovative extra's to give you that extra outdoor service.


What better way than to experience The Field Affair!

field hire in surrey
kids party in guildford
Field Hire in Surrey